My new computer is coming tomorrow. it makes me very happy to finally have a blank canvas on which to work.┬áMy policy with most computers is to ignore moore’s law. I’ll buy a machine and force myself to ignore any news of any updates for at least eight months. The fact of the matter is, […]

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Diamond Age

So on Thursday I got an email from Amazon advertising their new “Kindle for Mac” program. Basically all the previously locked down titles I had on my Kindle are now available on my laptop.

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  • is currently pursuing a dual degree in Physics and Mathematics at the University of Georgia.
  • regularly spends his time at the UGA Sculpture Department doing things normally classified by his scientific peers as “odd”.
  • can program in C++, Java, Ruby, Python, Fortran 77, and more.
  • avoids places that sell paper due to an extreme addiction to anything that he could possibly use for recording his thoughts.
  • is casually addicted to World of Warcraft
  • likes to swim, and thinks that if he goes for long enough he will achieve satori, but will settle for kensho.