The Title

In case you were wondering (you probably weren’t)

Sunt geminae Somni portae, quarum altera fertur
cornea, qua veris facilis datur exitus umbris;
altera candenti perfecta nitens elephanto,
sed falsa ad caelum mittunt insomnia Manes.
his ubi tum natum Anchises unaque Sibyllam
prosequitur dictis portaque emittit eburna …

The gates of Horn and Ivory, through which all things are dreams, from Book 6 of the Aeneid. Borges once speculated that Vergil used the imagery of the ivory gates to suggest that reality as we know it is, in fact, a false world of dreams. That the true world was the underworld in which Aeneas met the future leaders of Rome, the world of the platonic ideal.

It’s nice to know that even back then people were writing like Baudrillard.



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