My new computer is coming tomorrow. it makes me very happy to finally have a blank canvas on which to work. My policy with most computers is to ignore moore’s law. I’ll buy a machine and force myself to ignore any news of any updates for at least eight months. The fact of the matter is, my machine is going to be obsolete eventually, and constantly looking for the Next Big Update just makes me less happy with what I have.

Over christmas I finally got the go-ahead to purchase a brand spankin new Macbook Pro**. Of course, what do I do but immediately look up macrumors, and find out that the Core i5 updates are “imminent”, and, of course, I was distraught over my apparent premature purchase. Well, luckily (or, perhaps, not so much), my machine gave out about three or four days later. Hard disk died. its a common thing, especially since this was a custom 7200rpm drive. Anyway, I managed to convince the apple people to refund me the price of the computer in store credit***. I didn’t really convince them, it’s well within the terms of the sales policy, though they might have been able to insist that it be repaired in house. Regardless, I got store credit, certain that a newer, better machine would be coming out within the next couple of days.

So, four months later, here I am. I can’t wait. It should be nice.
I got:

  • 7200rpm 500gb HDD (yeah, same mistake as last time, but perhaps better luck)
  • Screen rez upgrade on the 15.4 inch
  • i7 2.66 ghz processor
  • nvidia 330m GPU


**Yeah, I’m a sucker for quality: I’ll pay a premium for a good laptop. Not a good computer, per se, but a great laptop to be sure. Too many people look at only the specs when they buy a notebook, and really, thats not what its about. Its about buying a great portable computer, not buying a great computer. If your laptop has less than two hours on its battery (read: envy 15) then you paid for a desktop. Sorry.

***Using my patented douchebag-nerd look. Step one: wear a black tee with some asshole graphic on it. I have a shirt with an 60s-era maoist commie poster screenprinted on it. Obscure and unequivocably liberal.
Step two: coldplay hat. end of story.
Step three:  Most important step: find a book by somebody cool but nerdy. Anything by Doctorow is a good choice, he’s more than douchebag enough. My personal favorite is Pattern Recognition by William Gibson: the author is recognizable enough, and if someone comments on it you can arrogantly state that you enjoyed Neuromancer more. I did. but that’s unimportant.
With any luck, the Genius will think you are at least somewhat mac-literate and will want to help you. Remember, they don’t HAVE to be nice to you. It’s not like they are in customer service, or anything.


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